The shape of the Internet is all set to change with the launch of the .XXX TLD, designed to give Adult websites their own special niche on the web.

.XXX is designed specifically for the global adult entertainment industry as a trusted, globally recognized brand and helps promote responsible and safe behavior.

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.XXX Application Process
Key Periods Dates
Sunrise: 7th September 2011 – 28th October 2011
Landrush: 8th November 2011 – 25th November 2011
General Availability: 6th December 2011 onwards

Applications for .XXX

We are pleased to announce that you can apply for registration of .XXX Domains during the Landrush Period.

The Landrush Period for .XXX will extend from 8th to 25th November 2011.

Landrush is a limited-time opportunity for those who want to secure a valued .XXX domain name and avoid first come, first served General Availability risks. Apart from being a member of the adult Sponsored Community, there are no trademark or pre-ownership rights requirements during this phase of the launch.

There is no first come, first served ranking during Landrush. At the end of the Landrush period, those .XXX domain names with a single applicant will be automatically allocated. However, those .XXX domain names with more than one applicant will proceed to a closed mini-auction between the competing parties only.

Registration Costs & Charges

PublicDomainRegistry offers some of the most competitive rates on the market for .XXX Domains during the Landrush period and beyond.

Contact your Partner to learn more about the associated costs of obtaining a .XXX domain during the Landrush Period.