16 June 2021 | Update on the transfer process
The transfer and activation of all gTLDs, as well as the ccTLDs .CO and .ME, has been completed. Domain holders whose contact information is updated and email is accessible, should now be able to manage their domain names from their control panel. You can verify the contact information associated with your domain name in your records by performing a WHOIS lookup on your domain name here – https://publicdomainregistry.com/whois/.
There are two scenarios where a transferred domain name hasn’t been activated:
1. The contact information available with us is either incomplete or invalid.
2. The domain name wasn’t included in the list provided by Net4India’s escrow partner, so we have no record of ownership.
If you don’t have access to your domain name yet, please contact the Bigrock team with your identification documents and evidence of your ownership of the domain name. The Bigrock team will verify your details and help you get access to the domain name.
Advisory for .IN domain holders: The .IN registry has not authorized a bulk transfer of all Net4 domain names, so we can not directly transfer all .IN domain names at this time. However, the registry has defined a process for registrants to obtain the authorisation code for their domain names. Once you obtain the authorization code from the registry, our team can help you transfer your domain name to your Bigrock account. Please follow the process the registry has defined here: https://www.registry.in/registry/images/page/Email_Net4_29012021.pdf

Attention customers of registrar Net 4 India Ltd.

ICANN has appointed PublicDomainRegistry as the gaining registrar for your domain names that were registered with the de-accredited registrar Net 4 India Limited. We are happy for the opportunity to serve you! We are aware it has been difficult for you to manage your domain names, and that you must have questions or concerns about them. Listed below are answers to some of the important questions you may have.

Has my domain name been transferred to PublicDomainRegistry yet?

No. ICANN announced on May 11th, 2021 that the domain names will be transferred to PublicDomainRegistry, and on May 12th they have informed all the domain registries about this. We are now coordinating with the domain registries to transfer your domain names to our registrar.

Will all my domain names be transferred to PublicDomainRegistry?

All domain names that are being transferred through ICANN’s process will come to PublicDomainRegistry. This includes all registrations on the following TLDs – .ASIA, .BIZ, .COM, .FILM, .INFO, .MOBI, .NAME, .NET, .ORG, .PRO, .SHIKSHA, .SHOP, .STORE, .TEL, and .TICKETS. Also, while ICANN’s process does not cover ccTLDs, we’re talking to some of them to understand if they would be willing to transfer your names to PublicDomainRegistry.com. So far, we’ve received confirmation of this from .TV, .CC and .ME. Please follow this page for further updates.

How long will this process take?

We have started conversations with various registries to conduct the transfers one TLD at a time. While we don’t have a complete timeline yet, we will update this page with the transfer dates for each TLD as and when they are scheduled.

How will I be able to manage my domain name?

When your domain name is transferred to PublicDomainRegistry, we will make it available to you through one of our partner brands. An account will be created for you with our partner brand, and you will have access to a control panel where you can access and manage your domain names.

Do I need to do anything to get access to my domain name?

No, nothing is required from you, the registrant, at this time. On May 12th we have received the registration data through ICANN, including the list of domain names and their ownership details. We are using this information to create accounts for you on our partner brand and make your domain names available in this account.

I need to renew/change nameservers/transfer my domain name. How do I get access to do this?

Since we don’t have access to the domain names right now, despite our best intentions, we are unable to help you make any changes just yet. As soon as your domain name is transferred to PublicDomainRegistry, we will help you reconfigure your domain name as required.

My website/email was hosted with Net4India. Will that be transferred to you, too?

The information we will receive through ICANN will be limited to the domain names registered through Net 4 India, and our focus will be on getting the domain names in your hands, first and foremost. However, we understand that you may be struggling to manage your website or other services at the previous provider. Once we have your domain name back in your hands, our partner brand will be happy to discuss your concerns about other services and help find a solution for you.

I have a different question, where can I contact you?

If you have a different or urgent requirement from the questions we’ve answered here, you can reach our team on [email protected], where our team will review your questions and get back to you with updates
This file was last modified on June 16th, 2021.

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